Met'Map User Guide

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The whole World is now at your fingertips ! :-)

The easiest way to browse Met'Map is to select a Map by using the drop-down menu located at the top of the page.

You can also enter an airport ICAO code in the field located at the top right of the map.

Tabs above the Map let you select which data you want to see : Metar-Taf, NOTAMs, USAF and Help.


On the METAR-TAF Map, swap your finger on the map (to the right or to the left) if you want to switch from one map to the other.

You can zoom in and out on Met'Map by using the pinch gesture with two fingers.

Tap on an airfield location to open the information box, then touch the grey "X" (or the box itself) to close it.

With one finger, you can pan the map.

Slide two fingers on the page to scroll down or browse the map.

The fastest way to zoom out is to double-tap the screen with one finger.

Met'Map can be displayed in 3 languages : English, French and Italian.


The "Pack & Go" option located below the map allows you to record the map in your iPhone (available only for Europe)


You're done ! Now when you will launch the application with no network available, the Offline map will be displayed.


On this Offline map, the date and time when the map was recorded are displayed at the top, and popup windows are slightly coloured to let you know this is the Offline version.



You can add an icon on your iPhone in order to access Met'Map more easily. If your iPhone has the OS 4.1 or higher installed, this will even install a WebApp. Just follow those steps...

On SAFARI, load your favourite chart then touch the "+" sign located below the chart.

In the pop-up menu, choose the option : "Add to Home Screen".

Then touch the "Add" button. You're done, the icon was added on your iPhone !

If the OS of your iPhone is recent (version 4.1 or higher), this icon will open a "WebApp" version of Met'Map.

This WebApp version allows Met'Map to use the whole screen by removing the option bar below the map. It also provides you with some more graphical features.

If you update your iPhone OS and want your Met'Map to upgrade to the WebApp version, don't forget to delete your Met'Map icon and create it again.


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