Flight School

After having passed the FAA IR Test, you have to pass the practical test within the 24 calendar months.

There are 3 possibilities for your IR flight training :

1) "FULL EUROPE" training : The full training is done in Europe with an FAA instructor, and a Flight Examiner comes from the US for the final examination. This option was closed since September the 11th, but was re-opened. It depends upon the World's political context.

2) "FULL US" training : Take a break in the US for some weeks, train and pass the final examination (variable duration, expect 2 or 3 weeks for intense training).

3) "Mixed" training : Train in Europe with your favourite FAA instructor, then pass the examination in the US (after some adaptation training).

  Since 9/11, it is mandatory to register any IR, MEP or PPL practical training with the TSA (Transportation Security Agency) prior to begin the flight training.
This can be done online (we will guide you through the process).

Orbifly is registered with TSA. This allows us to provide our trainings to non-US citizens and out of the US territories.

Once you have registered your training, and been granted permission to initiate the training, you can fly !

Flight Training with Orbifly

We can share our passion and fly with you if you are interested in the "FULL EUROPE" option or the "Mixed training" option.

- We have 12 instructors in Switzerland, France and UK. Our team can provide you with all the ground and flight training for ATP/Commercial Pilot license and Instrument Rating, on single or Multi-engine airplanes.

- Our speciality is to train you on your own airplane, the one you'll be flying after your checkride. But we also operate a fleet of IFR-equipped US-registrated aircraft :


Reliable and sturdy, this
legendary airplane has an
upgraded avionics (GMA340,
two GNS430, double IFR
panel) and a recent interior
which makes her the perfect
companion to get prepared
for your multiengine IR !
(turbocharged engines)


Specifications :

Engines : 2 x Conti. TIO360 200 hp
Cruise speed : 178 kt
Consumption : 22 GPH
Ceiling : FL250
B-Rnav & Oxygen
6-seater "club sitting"
490 EUR/h +VAT (dry)
or 4'500 EUR 10hrs bloc time


Pristine single engine aircraft,
comfortable, leather interior,

"The Mercedes
of the General Aviation".

Equipped with GNS 530 WAAS.


Specifications :

Engine : Lyco. IO540 260 hp
Cruise Speed : 160 kt
Consumption : 12 GPH
Useful load : 1156 lbs
Range - 855 NM
250 EUR/h +VAT (dry)
or 2'300 EUR 10hrs bloc time


This brand new Cirrus SR20 (2008)
comes with numerous features
(GTS version) to provide you
with a luxurious interior,
comfortable and well-equipped
glasscokpit airplane.
The reduced consumption also
makes your IR training cheaper.


Specifications :

Engine : Conti. IO-360-ES 200 hp
Cruise speed : 155 kt (75%)
Useful load : 970 lbs
Max range 785 NM + reserve
Glasscockpit Avidyne
210 EUR/h VAT included (flight time, dry)
or 200 EUR/h 10hrs bloc time
or 190 EUR/h 20hrs bloc time
or 180 EUR/h 30hrs bloc time



If you love High Tech and
Performance, that airplane was
just designed for you. Not only
is it equipped with the Garmin
Perspective avionics
with integrated synthetic vision,
but also with the Max Viz 600
infrared enhanced vision system
Do not forget to watch out !


Specifications :

Engine : Conti. IO-550-N 310 hp
Cruise speed : 185 kt
Useful load : 1175 lbs
Range 1170 NM
G1000 EVS + Max Viz 600 Infrared
220 EUR/h excl. VAT (flight time, dry)



Thanks to our partners, we can
offer you five Cirrus SR22
based on different airfields
in Switzerland, France, and
Belgium. Fast and comfortable,
the Cirrus SR22 is a perfect
companion if you wish to get
your Instrument Rating and
improve your skills in
Glasscockpit avionics.


Specifications :

Engine : Conti. IO-550-N 310 hp
Cruise speed : 185 kt
Useful load : 1175 lbs
Range 1170 NM
Glasscockpit Avidyne
From 155 to 180 EUR/h excl. VAT (hobbs time, dry)



This pretty little Diamond
will let you fly at low cost
with the advantage of a modern
Garmin G1000 avionic. This
airplane is available for all
our intensive IFR trainings in
Europe as well as for your BFRs
IPCs and refreshing flights in
the area of Annemasse and Geneva.


Specifications :

Engine : Lycoming IO-360 180hp
Cruise speed : 115 kt
Mass gross weight : 2,535 lbs
Max range 660 NM
Glasscockpit G1000
140 EUR/h (hobbs time, dry)



The "FULL Europe" option with Orbifly

As for the Ground Training, Orbifly has developped an intensive Flight Training for the Instrument Rating, that can be entirely done in Europe.

The training is organized in Phases :

- PHASE 1 (5 days) : Initial training : back to the IMC basis !
- PHASE 2 (5 days) : Advanced IFR training
- PHASE FINISH-UP (if needed) : Advanced IFR training
- PHASE CHECK (3 days) : Checkride prep + checkride

Between phases, you are given "home trainings" that can be done under the hood. That simulated IMC training with a safety pilot can be flown on non-US-registrated airplane, and even on non-IFR airplane (under VFR conditions).

When you subscribe with us, your training is planified step-by-step from the first flight to the IR ticket. This allows you to have a global view on your cursus !

Our intensive trainings are organized on several European airports, or in some cases, they can take place on your airport. You want to know the schedule ? Check our Agenda !

If you prefer a one-to-one training with one of our instructors, contact us.

You still have questions ? Check the FAQ or contact us !

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