Orbifly in a nutshell...

Orbifly was founded in Switzerland in 1999 and is known as the pioneer in FAA IR training in Europe.
Now based in France, she has become a dual EASA & FAA entity led by a dedicated team of instructors who love to fly in the US as well as in Europe.

Our main goal : Safety of flights.
Our second goal : Pleasure of flight !

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  Orbifly EASA ATO

Orbifly is now EASA ATO number FR.ATO.0291.

No, we are not giving up on FAA training ! We want to offer you the best of both worlds: combined training, conversions, and a broad expertise in licensing.
Our EASA training courses therefore retain the American-style pragmatism that has made our success!


  Our EASA Trainings

IR(A) Competency Based

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  Other EASA Trainings

CB-IR(A) Ground School

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  Partnership with Oysterair

Orbifly has developed a partnership with Oysterair, an English ATO specialized in advanced training on high performance aeroplanes.

We can offer EASA SET training, which can be combined with FAA endorsements providing you with both EASA and FAA qualifications... and even UK ratings if needed.

You did not take the EASA ATPL written exams?
We can also offer you the HPA course. This Ground course will allow you to enter the world of EASA high performance single pilot airplanes.


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This access is free and open still 2006 to all Orbifly FAA students and former FAA students.

It provides access to a great number of tools and ressources (Orbi-logbook, memos, videos, useful links and documents...).
Check also our Met'Map weather chart here (free).

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This access is free to all Orbifly EASA students and Orbifly ATO instructors.

It provides access to your EASA trainings in progress and to a great number of useful ressources for your training.
If you hold an Orbiflyer member access, some functionalities will be linked between both accounts.

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  Our Bases

Avignon main training base (LFMV)

Cannes secondary site (LFMD)

Le Touquet secondary site (LFAT)

Your home'training base ! (HOME)

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  Contact us

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By telephone : +33 4 89 37 4000
Mon-Fri, 9:00-12:00 and 14:00-19:00

By mail at the head office :
441 av Marcel Pagnol
06210 Mandelieu, FRANCE


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Frequently Asked Questions

Internet & Privacy

What about my personal data!

No cookie will be added on your computer on the public part of the website.

In case you log onto your personal access (member or ATO), a cookie will be created only to allow your access to your personal page.
No information will be transfered to any third party.
Flight school and ground school : We will only store the required data in order to comply with the aeronautical regulation (EASA/FAA).
Your information can be retrieved on request.

What about me ?

I'm just a private pilot, is your training OK for me ?

Absolutely ! Our trainings are well suited for European private or commercial pilots. The Instrument Rating is a step towards improving your pilot qualifications, not only a step on an Airline Pilot training.

Intensive FAA IR ground training

What's the program ?

    1st day :
                                  o Presentation of the FAA system
                                  o Weather
                                  o Weather services
                                  o Flight Instruments
    2nd day :                 
                                  o Regulations & Procedures
                                  o Navigation
                                  o Departure
    3rd day :
                                  o En Route
                                  o Arrival & Approach
                                  o Questions & Answers

Do you offer the EASA IR Ground Course ?

Not yet !

But this is a project that we have.
Remain on our frequency !

What about the final knowledge test ?

Where can I take the test ?
All FAA testing centers based in Europe are closed, which means that you need to go to the US for the written exam. You can find a list of Testing Centers on this webpage.

How much does it cost ?
You'll pay online in advance, expect USD 150 for a knowledge test (pricelist reported in Jan 2020).

What is Orbifly's Success Rate ?
Orbifly has a success rate of 100% or nearly 100% every year since 1999.

Flight Training

I've passed the knowledge test ! What's next ?
You have to take your check ride (practical test) within the following 2 years (24 months).
Since September 11th, you have to register your training and school chosen on the internet prior to begin your flight training. During this online registration you'll pay $130 for the TSA process (credit card payment on the internet). The school will then confirm with the TSA that you did register with them. As soon as you receive the confirmation email, you can begin your training. You have the possibility to change school during your training (no extra charge).

I registered my training on the internet, what are these "fingerprints" I'm being talked about ?
Since September 11th, it is now mandatory to provide fingerprints to the US Authorities before beginning a training. The fingerprints process can be done in any TSA certified Print Office, such as FlightSafety Le Bourget (you can plan an appointment for fingerprints the same day you go for your knowledge test).
The cost of these fingerprints is included in the $130 you already paid, so you won't be charged once more by the TSA, but some Print Office may request a fee for this process.

How many flight hours before the IFR checkride (practical test) ?
You have to fly 40 hours instrument time (actual or simulated IMC), including at least 15 hours of dual time with an FAA instructor. Maximum 10 hours can be done on an FAA-approved ground trainer (simulator).

I already have some simulated IMC flight hours, can they be included ?
Yes. However, expect some training in the area you'll be flying your test, in order to become familiar with the instrument approaches you may fly for the checkride.

What are the experience requirements for the checkride
You should have flown a minimum of 50 hours of cross-country as PIC (Pilot In Command). You also need an FAA pilot certificate (PPL or CPL). A US PPL can be issued on the basis of your European PPL, by a simple mail exchange process, the "foreign license validation process", followed by an appointment in a FSDO (District Office).
Since September the 11th, if you already have a US pilote certificate issued on the basis of your foreign license, you need to renew the validation process no sooner than 6 months before your checkride (this does not change your US certificate, it is just a Homeland Security Concern).

Do you know any good US flying school ?
Check the internet, most schools have a website !
Avoid Florida between august and october (hurricanes and CBs...). Some places are known to welcome a hudge number of foreign student pilots (Orlando, Arizona, Los Angeles), and Air Traffic Controllers are very understanding with them, and easier to understand than those in the middle of Texas.


Back in Europe, what can I do with my US PPL-IFR ?
First, congratulations !
Your US Instrument Rating has 2 main advantages. First, you can fly any IFR US-registered airplane in Europe, without having ever the need to go back in US for any renewal process, all can be done in Europe. Moreover, this is an increase in safety for any of your VFR flights. If one day you get trapped into bad weather or on-top, you will have the skills to manage the situation safely.

Do I need a specific medical certificate ?
If your US license is based on your European license, you just need your European medical certificate to be valid.
If you decide to get a full US PPL or CPL, not based on any European license, then you'll need a US medical certificate.
Many doctors in Europe can provide a US medical certificate.

I'm owner of an OO- HB- or F- registered plane, can it be registered in N- ?
Yes, if the type of aircraft is known in the US (one is enough).

I want to travel around Europe for my job, is it possible with this US Instrument Rating ?
Yes, but be careful ! The Rating is not everything. To fly anywhere and anytime, you need a deiced aircraft, powerful enough to fly at high levels (FL180 to cross the Alps).
Even a Robin DR400 will allow you to fly high pressure IFR (winter stratus), and reasonable summer IFR. A quite large pannel of possibilities are still offered to you.

How to contact you ?
Click here !

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