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Orbifly is an EASA ATO that was founded in Switzerland in 1999 and is known as the pioneer in FAA IR training in Europe.
Now based in France and offering EASA, FAA and UK CAA services, she has become a multinational entity led by a dedicated team of instructors who love to fly in the US as well as in Europe.

Our main goal : Safety of flights.
Our second goal : Pleasure of flight !

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  Orbifly EASA ATO

Orbifly is now EASA ATO number FR.ATO.0291.

No, we are not giving up on FAA training ! We want to offer you the best of both worlds: combined training, conversions, and a broad expertise in licensing.
Our EASA training courses therefore retain the American-style pragmatism that has made our success!


  Our EASA Trainings

IR(A) Competency Based

Basic IR (BIR)

Multiengine Class Rating (MEP)

Night Rating


  Other EASA Trainings

CB-IR(A) Ground School

La Môle (St Tropez) Competency Check

SET Class Ratings (PA46, TBM, PC12)




  Ground School

3-day FAA IR Ground School

2-day FAA CPL Ground School

Online Virtual Class

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  Flight Training

FAA IR Flight Training

FAA CPL Flight Training

EASA to FAA conversions

Combined FAA+EASA Trainings


  Other Trainings

Preventive maintenance for Pilots

Flight Review & IPC

Let's fly in the US!

High altitude, Complex, Tailwheel...


  Partnership with Oysterair

Orbifly has developed a partnership with Oysterair, an English ATO specialized in advanced training on high performance aeroplanes.

We can offer EASA SET training, which can be combined with FAA endorsements providing you with both EASA and FAA qualifications... and even UK ratings if needed.

You did not take the EASA ATPL written exams?
We can also offer you the HPA course. This Ground course will allow you to enter the world of EASA high performance single pilot airplanes.


  High Performance Trainings


PA46 Flight Training

TBM Flight Training



  Our Expertise

Expertise & Technical inspections

Trustee for your N-Reg aircraft

Lawyer & Legal advice

Ferry flights


  Free Services

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  Orbifly Member Access

This access is free and open still 2006 to all Orbifly FAA students and former FAA students.

It provides access to a great number of tools and ressources (Orbi-logbook, memos, videos, useful links and documents...).
Check also our Met'Map weather chart here (free).

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  Orbifly ATO Access

This access is free to all Orbifly EASA students and Orbifly ATO instructors.

It provides access to your EASA trainings in progress and to a great number of useful ressources for your training.
If you hold an Orbiflyer member access, some functionalities will be linked between both accounts.

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  Our Bases

Avignon main training base (LFMV)

Cannes secondary site (LFMD)

Le Touquet secondary site (LFAT)

Your home'training base ! (HOME)

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  Contact us

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By telephone : +33 4 89 37 4000
Mon-Fri, 9:00-12:00 and 14:00-19:00

By mail at the head office :
441 av Marcel Pagnol
06210 Mandelieu, FRANCE


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La Môle (St Tropez) Competency Check             [ MORE INFO ]

Do you want to land at La Môle?
Since 2019, a new decree governs the use of this particular platform.

Several instructors from our team are approved to deliver this training to you.

Caution ! Your mountain rating does NOT exempt you from this specific training. Moreover, you should be trained for each airplane class you expect to use at La Môle.
Are you unsure of your situation with regard to the new decree? Contact us!

Our training is offered in two phases: a first phase in e-learning, from the comfort of your living room, and a second phase in flight on the La Môle site, on your plane or on one of ours.

The e-learning phase addresses the following points:
  • Airspaces and topography
  • Infrastructures and restrictions
  • Noise abatment procedures
  • La Môle Specific Regulation
  • Decree dated 25 July 2019
  • Visual procedures
  • Instrument procedures
  • A final quizz to make sure you got it !

For the flying part, here is the required process :
  • Perform an aerodrome reconnaissance flight training as pilot with an approved instructor (this course) ;
  • Make a first flight to La Môle as Pilot in command within the next 6 months after this reconnaissance flight ;
  • Then keep your approval current by performing a landing and a take-off at La Môle every 24 months maximum.

Please note : these approvals are class-specific.

Therefore, if you fly on :

- DR400 (SEP land)
- DA42 (MEP land)
- PA46 Meridian (SET PA46)
- TBM 700 (SET TBM)

If you want to land at La Môle with all these airplanes, you will need 4 separate reconnaissance flights, and keep all these privileges current separately by performing a landing and a take-off every 24 months with an airplane of each class.

✈ How can I prove that I did the reconnaissance flight with an instructor ?

Once the reconnaissance flight is done, the instructor will endorse your logbook to certify that the training was satisfactorily completed with an approved instructor. If you only hold an electronic logbook, he can issue a certificate.

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Sky is no longer the Limit

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