Helicopter Trainings

You dream of mastering the 3rd dimension, landing in a confined aera, traveling like if you were sitting on a flying carpet, so the helicopterís Pilot certificate is for you.

We can offer the training that suits your needs :

- PPL (Helicopter Private Pilot) : 3 intensive weeks + check
- IFR (Instrument Rating) : 3 intensive weeks + check
- CPL (Commercial Pilot) : Depends on your experience (evaluation)
- ATPL (Airline Transport Pilot) : Depends on your experience (evaluation)

Helicopter PPL Training

  You are an airplane Pilot willing to discover another dimension of the sky ? You can learn to fly helicopters in a safe and intensive environnement... with us.

If you already hold a "full" (standalone) FAA Pilot Certificate (PPL, CPL, ATP), you don't even need to take any knowledge test at all.

And if you do not hold any US Pilot Certificate, or only Foreign-based pilot certificates, we can help you get your knowledge test thanks to our intensive PPL Ground School sessions.

Tell me more about my PPL(H)

During 3 weeks spread over 2 month (average), you not only learn the basics of piloting, as well as night flying, but all emergency maneuvers that will make you a careful and proficient pilot.

The training group consists of 3 instructors for 4 students.
Each day, two or three short but intensive flights, theory, and good time spend between pilots.

At the end of your training, thanks to the FAA administration, we organize your checkride in Europe. You take the test with an FAA inspector/examiner.

  If you didnít already purchase your helicopter, we have access for your training to two R22, a Bell 206 IFR and even a Bell 47G for solo/ renting as soon as spring 2010.

The next course runs from September to November 2009, if you quickly register, youíll assure your training finished by end of 2009.

Details of training

Program of the 1st week (approx 9-10 h)
- Introduction to helicopters, inspection, security
- The flight controls , collective, cyclic, gas, rudders pedals
- Coordination
- Different scenario of flight
- Take off & landing with respect of the "dead men curve"
- Stationary hoover upwind

Second week
- Autorotation
- Tail Rotor Failure
- State of Vortex
- Navigation
- Off airport landings and T/O

Third week
- A 180 ° Autorotation
- Night Flight (5h)
- solo flights (6h)
- Preparation of test

Fourth week (optional)
Depending on the specific needs of the student


Cost: Price per week € 2,500 .-including
- Instructors
- Course materials
- The aeronautical charts
- Landing fees at the main airport
- Access to classrooms and rest aera
- Online Access to all multimedia supports.

Not included in price :
- The rental of a helicopter
- Fuel
- Housing

You can rent one of our R22 at € 240.--/hour dry, including insurance.
Training can be done on the R22, R44, Bell 206 or Bell 47.

Check our training calendar and join the course !

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