Ground School

Orbifly regularly organizes intensive training courses of short duration, in order to prepare for FAA exams. These courses are planned on week-ends or periods to cope with professional timetables.
These ground courses can be organized anywhere in Europe (remote countries please contact us).

We have different "packages" which can fulfill your desires :

- IR (Instrument Rating) : Duration 3 days - (PDF info in French)
- CPL (Commercial Pilot) : Duration 2 or 3 days - (PDF info in French)
- PPL (Private Pilot) or ATPL (Airline Transport Pilot): Contact us.

The Instrument Rating Course

  The most frequent courses that we organize are the IR courses. The cost includes books, mid-day meals and collations. This training covers the whole program for the IRA/IRH knowledge test (Instrument Rating training) and for the IFP knowledge test (if you hold a EASA Instrument Rating, in order to have a foreign-based FAA IR).

Courses can be organized in English or in French, and books are in English.

The minimum number of students per course is 6, and the maximum is 12 to ensure quality of the course. You do not need anything except... energy, for this training is very intensive !

What happens after the course ?

We can't learn for you, but our aim is to ensure that you understood everything at the end of the course, and won't need any help to understand any part of the book : only the memorization process is still to complete.

At the end of the course, you will be given the Instructor "Sign Off", which allows you to take the test. There are 4 examination centers in Europe, such as FlightSafety at Le Bourget (France).

The exam is a multiple-choice test on a Lasergrade Computer. The result is given to the candidate immediately after the test, and the written confirmation immediately printed.

  To help you during your "home training" after the course, Orbifly has created ORBITEST.

This online training device allows you to practice in order to memorize what you learnt with us. You can also take simulated test, and analyze your results.
Our instructors are available by email to help you during that period.

This efficient formula has given Orbifly a success rate or nearly 100% every year since 1999 !

Some students take the exam very quickly, 2 or 3 days after the end of the course. Others spend 2 weeks reading their notes and their book at home, before taking the test. Whatever your choice, be sure that waiting more than a months will generally signify heavier personal work.

Check our training calendar and subscribe !

Ok... Now that your knowledge test is in your pocket, isn't it time to fly ?


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